Saturday, October 6, 2012

Funny Things Knox Says

Everything Knox says at the moment is emphatic and very important sounding. We joke that the only way he seems capable of speaking is loud or extra loud. I think he has inherited the Humfrey-loud-voice. Knox is really into compound words at the moment. The other week we were driving to church and Clint missed his turn.

"Mom, Dad just took a shortcut. Do you know what a short cut is? It's SHORT. And it's CUT. It's SHORT. CUT." he says with emphatic cutting hand movements.

(Hunter thought it was important to clarify at this point that Dad actually took a "long-cut.")

Another time we were wheeling our cart through the grocery store and he said,

"Mom, I would sure like some breadcake."

"I'm not sure what breadcake is Knoxy."

"It's BREAD. And it's CAKE. It's BREAD. CAKE."

The best was when K tried to explain chicken nuggets to me.

"They are CHICKEN on the inside and FINGERS on the outside! They are CHICKEN. FINGERS." he says wiggling his fingers in my face.

The other day Knox was crying very loudly because he didn't want to do something that I had asked him to do.

"Knox, you need to stop crying and get control of yourself."

He stops and says matter-of-factly, "Mom, I won't do this ad infinitum."

(I guess this is what happens when you marry a theologian who thinks it's "fun" to teach his kids Latin.)

We have really been working on helping Knox to be "slow to anger". And there has been some very encouraging progress with him. The only funny thing is that almost at every meal he has started praying,

"Dear God, please help Mom to be slow to anger."

Of course all of this is funny coming from Knox because he is a big softy at heart with a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes.

He declares his love for us with this same sing-songy, tough-guy voice. His chubby hands reach wide.

"I love you THIS much!"

I'm so thankful for this little guy.