Saturday, December 13, 2014

We're Home!

We moved home last Saturday. It's been a week of unpacking, organizing and shopping for needed items. Everything feels new, but also like deja vu.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful so we rode bikes to the park like we used to. It was the same, but different. The monkey bars at the park felt lower, the bikes went faster and there was no toddler threatening to fall off the play structure. A year and a half is a long time.

The boys feel both happy to be here and also sentimental about leaving the trailer. I was somewhat surprised by their sentimentality, but then again, things don't make a home, people and memories do. Winston spent half of his life displaced and I wonder if he even remembers living in High River. So with each passing day we make new memories as a family, and each day it feels more like home.

Clint is enjoying his new office space although at one point he commented on feeling isolated. I think we are all adjusting to the idea of having personal space again.

My favourite room is the kitchen. We knocked down the wall that used to divide the kitchen from the dining room and I love the openness.

We are very thankful that my health seems to be improving. I still have flare ups every few months, but my energy levels are much better. So I continue to watch my diet, take my supplements and thank God for His kindness to me.

Everything I've gone through this past year and a half has solidified for me that Christ defines me and gives meaning to life. Circumstances and things don't matter as much. So I am enjoying this beautiful home, but I am especially thankful that God's goodness is unchangeable in both difficulties and blessings.


  1. Wonderfully written Christel. Beautiful home! So glad you guys can make memories there once again!