Monday, January 25, 2010

For Knox

Sparkling brown eyes full of mischief and life.
You flash your tiny teeth and try to show off.
You are thick like a brick.
There is strength in your arm and determination in your eye.
Will you grow up to be a man of courage?

You fall asleep in my arms,
The most precious of treasures.
Rosy red lips beg to be kissed.
Dark eyelashes fan your silky soft cheek.
You sleep so soundly, securely;
My gentle warrior.
Will you grow up to a world rank with violence?
Will you do the right thing or the easy thing?

Your little voice says, "Mama."
My heart melts.
You race to meet me,
Your soft arms encircle me.
How I wish I could protect you forever,
But you will take flight,
And I will trust in God.